Sunday, December 23, 2012

As relaxing as it can be.

today has been such a nice day. Slept in, made some green tea and finally got around to writing christmas cards that still needs to be sent out. went grocery shopping and made a yummy dinner of pasta salad, perogies and bruschetta. made plans to see my lovely ladies in the next few days. i'm so happy that eric loved the bunny body pillow i made for him. he's getting me a hand mixer that i've been swooning over. he's perfect.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

beat the system!

between eric and i, i always jokingly say "beat the system!", but deep down, i really think that it is important to resist a lot of societal structures that are in place. one of them is capitalism, sustained by consumerism. i am really trying to be mindful of my spending these days to resist consumerism. i am even trying to limit the joy of thrifting, because i feel like i am getting more clothes that i don't necessarily need (i can't use the 50% off days at goodwill to justify my needless purchases). i have not fully perfected it yet, but i am going to resist buying, spending and consuming so much. it's hard, because i sure do love knick knacks... but, i feel like i have enough "stuff". it is definitely harder to limit the consumption of services though. one step at a time, i guess. a lot of things going on right now, trying to get references from profs, do my application, do the test and wrapping things up at work. i feel really sleep right now though and it's only 9 pm. *yawn*

Sunday, October 21, 2012

i pretty much watched youtube videos all day...

... and i feel like i'm failing at life. i'll go take a shower and read a bit so that i can stop this self hate that is almost muted by my laziness. almost. you know you are in trouble, when you are just too damn lazy for emotions.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

must listen to my intuition.

Photobucket ... i bought these delightful sandals in cobalt blue from forever 21 for $20. I was very excited until i stepped outside my door. Walked down to the end of the road and almost wiped out three times. Went straight back to the store and returned them. i thought these would change my mind about buying cheap shoes from forever 21. now i'm scarred for life.

Friday, September 14, 2012


spent $40 and came back with two bags of awesome clothes. and this is why my wardrobe is about 80% thrifted now... buy a dress from forever 21 or get a big bag of wonderful, better quality clothes... hmmmmmm...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

saturday afternoon thoughts...

... i wish i could live in a world where i had a money tree and i could be a fashion blogger, doing diy's, not worrying about anything.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

OPI Dutch Treats Holland Collection

Photobucket ... i've never paid more than $3 for nail polish before. it is only recently that i considered buying the $9 OPI nail polish in Berry Daring, after a long and frustrating search for a cheap alternative. i went for a mani and pedi with a spa gift certificate (birthday present from my friend, silva) not too long ago and fell in love with the deep fuschia. i managed to find a no name nail polish in the same shade for $1.50 in new york, which chipped the day after i put it on, which put a damper on my short lived excitement. the other day, i went to a health store to buy cranberry pills (which are great for preventing uti's) and realized that there was a newly opened outlet store with nail polishes and make up by NYX. "Kiss Me On My Tulips" caught my eye in this mini collection and for $15 with tax (which makes each bottle $3.75), i thought it was worth a try even with the tiny 3.75 ml bottles. i'm starting to think that these small bottles are the way to go, since i don't usually end up finishing a normal sized bottle of nail polish. it was nice to pop the tiny bottle in my bag for a quick polish change on the go and the smaller brushes don't bother me. i've tried "Kiss Me On My Tulips" and "Red Lights Ahead... Where?" so far; they are both really opaque and bright. With two coats, they started to chip in about 3 days. To be honest, i'm not too fond of "I Have A Herring Problem". It's an odd bluish grey colour with sparkles, which i don't think will look with my skin tone. "Pedal Faster, Suzi" seems sheer, but i will only find out when i try it out.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alexis WIN

so, this is the exactly the same kimono-esque jacket that i got from buffalo exchange in nyc for $8. apparently this sold for $102 on indie cult vintage ( Photobucket